If you’re not maximizing your post workout recovery, not only are you going to suffer from increased muscle soreness and inflammation, you’ll also be missing out on valuable gains you could be making.

If you want to understand the true damage of DOMS and how you can solve this issue with ice-bath recovery without taking the plunge, you need to read this article...

Post Exercise Nutrition

Post exercise is one of the most critical times when your nutrition can have the biggest impact.

Obviously the diet is important at several key points throughout the day. In a previous post, I’ve mentioned how beneficial it is to spread your nutrition evenly throughout the day, but right after exercise is a crucial moment to get right.

The significance of post-exercise nutrition has to do with the state in which the muscles are in. Immediately after exercise, the muscles are in a state of breakdown and the transition to building muscle will only occur after your next meal. That is why this is something that you want to get right and in a timely fashion.

Most of this impact will come from the inclusion of a high quality protein and the correct dose of carbohydrates to not only stimulate the synthesis of new muscle tissue but also replenish the muscle glycogen. You can find more details about protein and carbs post-exercise in another article, however this article focuses on an additional variable you need to address in your post-exercise routine: halting the muscle damage.

Muscle Damage & DOMS

When engaging in either high volume or high intensity exercise, the muscles can endure a large amount of damage. This level of damage is associated with a phenomenon called the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) where the level of pain continues to increase between 24-48 hours after the workout. The initial damage is good, and is what contributes to muscle growth during recovery, but the DOMS is not helping your case.

What may be contributing to the expression of DOMS is an exacerbation of the exercise injury to what is called a secondary injury. Muscle damage of this nature is associated with high levels of reactive oxygen species, and the activation of the immune system to mount an inflammatory response, along with the influx of fluids and plasma proteins into the damaged muscle cells. The ensuing inflammation is responsible for exacerbating the initial injury into the secondary injury and this is what is largely responsible for the delayed onset muscle soreness that can last for the next couple days or more.

By attenuating the effects of the secondary injury, your recovery time can be improved and muscle growth can be enhanced.

For this reason, you may see athletes use an ice bath or cold plunge after training. However, if you don’t have access to a cold plunge or don’t feel like making an ice bath after each workout, here is an ingredient that you can use instead: CherryPURE®.

The Ultimate Muscle Rejuvenator

CherryPURE® is an extract from the skins of tart cherries which have very high levels of polyphenols, specifically anthocyanins with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities. You can find anthocyanins in a few other fruits like blueberries, cranberries and beetroot juice, but not quite in the same concentrations as tart cherries.

CherryPURE™ is considered the ultimate natural muscle rejuvenator.

The research backed dose of 480mg contains the amount anthocyanins you would find in over a pint of tart cherry juice. The clinical research shows that supplementing with CherryPURE® tends to attenuate the rise of secondary injury that occurs 24 hours post-exercise while also accelerating the recovery process over 48 hours.

In contrast exercising without CherryPURE® can leave muscles damaged for over 48 hours.

This was also associated with muscle pain. The data indicated that the study group that supplemented with CherryPURE® also experienced significantly lower muscle pain compared to the control group.
Furthermore, in conjunction with the sustained and more pronounced muscle damage, the body is constantly trying to breakdown the damaged muscle tissue. The primary hormone responsible for muscle breakdown is cortisol.

CherryPURE® & Cortisol

As previously discussed, chronically elevated levels of cortisol is not an ideal situation for muscle growth, therefore quickly resolving the need for muscle breakdown is advantageous.

The clinical data reveals that intense exercise causes a sharp increase in cortisol levels within the first hour post-exercise to account for the muscle breakdown from the exercise.

Only CherryPURE® supplementation swiftly returns cortisol levels back to basal values within the first 24 hours indicating that in the absence of the dramatic secondary injury, muscle breakdown can be kept at a minimum to allow for maximal rates of muscle growth.

Bottom Line on DOMS & Post Workout Recovery

When it comes to thinking about all the possible things that go into a post exercise nutrition strategy, you need to consider numerous factors: reducing the protein breakdown, enhancing protein synthesis, resolving the oxidative stress, resolving the inflammation and attenuating any further muscle damage while also rebuilding the energy sources and muscle glycogen.

If that all seems like a lot of remember, well it kind of is. So if you want an all-in-one product that puts all the thought into it for you and covers every angle, pick up some Post-Factor™ by Blue Star Nutraceuticals™.

It has only the highest quality protein, an appropriate amount of carbohydrates accompanied by the research backed dose of 480mg CherryPURE®, along with a few other specialized ingredients to ensure the best possible solution for exercise recovery.

With Post-Factor™ you can dramatically reduce DOMS and consider the major dangers it poses to your gains a thing of the past.

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