In this video - our very own CSO, Dr. David Gundermann explains the benefits of Blood Flow Restriction training. As someone who has conducted a massive study on BFR, he's more than qualified to share his knowledge and findings with each and every one of you.

Also commonly referred to as Occlusion training, blood flow restriction training can help you activate Type II muscle fibers using lighter weights.

Dr. Gundermann suggests using a weight that is about 30% your one-rep-max for this training technique. For set 1, perform the exercise for 30 repetitions. Rest for 30 seconds. Set 2: 15 Reps. 30 Seconds Rest. Set 3: 15 Reps. 30 Seconds Rest. Set 4: 15 Reps.

And there you have it, a viable and safe way to stimulate muscle growth through a different technique than traditional resistance training.

This low oxygen environment forces the muscles to become anaerobic quicker and fatigue the fast-twitch muscle fibers.

We hope you enjoyed this video, leave a comment if you have any questions... and of course... keep training hard!

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