Everything you ought to know about joint pain ➞ http://radlab.bluestarnutraceuticals.com/everything-you-ought-to-know-about-joint-pain/

In this video, Dr. David Gundermann from Blue Star Nutraceuticals is going to explain the two types of stretching and when they should be performed.

Static Stretching and Dynamic Stretching are useful to warm up your muscles before exercise... but one type might actually leave you more prone to injury if performed at the wrong time!

When you hold a stretch for any period of time, you begin to separate the contractile components of your muscle outside of their optimal range. It’s this very stimulus that causes your muscles to lengthen in the long term, but at that moment your muscle is put at a disadvantage to develop any power or speed - and weaker muscles contribute to greater injury.

So listen to Dr. Gundermann and make sure you take this into account before your next workout!

And of course... keep training hard!

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