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In the first of the RADLAB™ video series, Dr. David Gundermann is going to go over the 3 worst exercises for your joints... and why you shouldn't bother doing them.

Many men suffer from shoulder or knee pain caused by resistance training. In-fact, there is such a high prevalence of joint pain among men who lift that it almost seems like it just comes with the territory.

Exercise 1 - The Leg Extension - 0:30

If your goal is to maximize damage to your knee joint with one single exercise - and perform the most non-functional movement you could choose - the leg extension would be your choice.

You may notice here at the Blue Star Nutraceuticals training facility, with hundreds of thousands of dollars of advanced equipment, that we don’t even have a Leg Extension machine - for this very reason.

When choosing a leg exercise, you want the forces generating from your legs going through your feet because the leg - and specifically the knee - is structurally designed for that direction of force.

With lighter weights, you may be able to get away with these unnatural forces - however - if you’re trying to lift heavy, too much of the resistance is being endured by the joint - and you will be susceptible to some joint pathologies over time - even a possible rupture of your ACL.

Exercise 2 - Upright Barbell Rows - 2:24

In terms of shoulders, an upright row is the worst thing you can do for functional longevity. This is because it forces your shoulder joint in a completely unnatural position - and then loads it with weight.

The position this exercise forces you into is called an impingement position, where your arms are medially rotated - and the head of the humerus occupies extra space inside the shoulder joint.

The upright row takes this position and then raises the arm which causes the head of the humerus to compress against the bursa, tendons, and the shoulder blade itself.

There are far better methods to train your shoulders. As a general rule, to avoid impingement never lift your arms in any palms down position. This also goes with side lateral raises.

Exercise 3 - Military Presses - 3:45

This is a great exercise to build shoulder size and strength. However - if performed incorrectly you could be placing unnatural forces into your shoulder joint.

This has to do with the angle of your shoulder blade on your back.

Shoulder pain can be initiation or exacerbated, by doing shoulder presses with your elbows straight beside you. It may not happen right away, or even within the first year, but with repeated repetitions of this bad mechanic, or as the weight gets heavier and heavier, your shoulder will become inflamed and develop chronic conditions like tendonitis, bursitis, or potentially more serious joint pathologies.

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